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Tombstones - with a view to passing away

We make professional single and double gravestones: earthworks and tombs. We offer tombstones in standard and non-standard sizes. We have a rich catalog of our own projects or we carry out special customer orders.

Granite headstones are made of the highest quality materials – stone resistant to bad weather conditions. Even after many years the stone is durable and maintains its unchanged appearance. We take care of every finishing element – we make single tombstones with a simple, classic form. The tombstone’s edges are delicate, carved with great care. The whole is completed by a string with the one selected by the client
engraving. At the request of the orderer, we decorate the gravestone with specially selected sculptures. We can also match the design to the project. tombstones, lanterns and tombstones.

Range of services:

  • gravestone design,
  • making the tombstone according to the set parameters,
  • assembly of the tombstone,
  • making the table with the right typo and adding a photo,
  • creating additional sculptures that are decorative elements of the tombstone,
  • transport of the tombstone.

We encourage you to contact us. We present our catalog of individual tombstones and help in choosing the perfect product. Each product in our catalogs is properly presented to us. Together with the client, we choose the most appropriate type of tombstone.